Originally from north Idaho, I’ve been living in Nicaragua and working with the poor as part of the Jubilee House Community since 2001. I imported an Irish husband, Paul, and we have two Nicamerish daughters, Eibhlin who is 10 and Orla who is 8. While I sometimes blog about our work on the JHC blog, Full Disclosure is a place for me to write more personally, and perhaps more flippantly.

I write what I know: being a white First World immigrant in a Third World country; being married to an Irish furniture maker whose exceptional generosity & talent is manifest in my home; struggling to hold my heart open so it can be broken over and over again; living with access to potable water only when delivered by oxen; stumbling along the path of raising up tri-national daughters who are at once of this place and apart from it; running an Airbnb guest house with a 3 star cleanliness rating and a 5 star hostess rating; committing to living in Community though most days I fall short of the patience & compassion needed; enjoying a firm sense of belonging in Nicaragua while recognizing I can never take the Gringolandía out of this girl.

Becca & girls cropped


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